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About Faith

A name that is synonymous with excellence & creativity. For over 3 decades we have continued to master the art of photography. From personality portraits and advertising campaigns to fashion, we have developed and showcased a discriminating and unique style of our profession.

We are one of the most famous of modern, portrait photographers. Our induction into the world of photography came about largely by chance. It started with an object, which soon became his prized possession - The Camera. Our hobby turned into a passion. Behind the outstanding success with which you associate us today is a great deal of hard work and struggle...

Our work comprises of fashion, advertising, portraits, product shoots, etc. The near iconic stature that we have acquired has not diminished our human traits. Our gregarious and easy relationship with our subjects infuses our work and humor. The people trust us as we combine sensitivity with allure.

We feel," While shooting people it is necessary to create a mood. The subject should feel a part of the entire session as the ambience plays a vital role. You can work wonders if the subject and photographer can enjoy the mood and the setting. The ambience has to be just right, the appropriate kind of music, sound and lighting helps get into the flow "

In 1992, we marked our foray into shooting and imaging. We explain the benefits,"vis-à-vis a conventional film camera, shooting with digital camera has immense advantages as one can get instant feedback. It has eliminated the endless suspense of roll processing and scanning. It also has given a lot of control to the photographer in terms of composition, selection of the picture, color and tone control, editing it on Photoshop, etc. However, one must know how to enhance the picture with digital technology, then your creativity is appreciated”.

We believe, photography is a blend of art and business. We express," We are as excited about our job as we were on our first day. The fire is still there. We breathe photography. We are always looking for new things to incorporate in shots. Its in our blood stream now”.

We are a free spirit who have an artistic license and needs the freedom to pursue his muse.

- Team Faith